Part 4. Enter Into The Silence

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  1. Fred Boyles says:

    In reference to silence: My team went on an overnight Sat. I created a ritual call praying to the Deer God. We all walk around in bodies that need to pray during time of stress and celebration. When over whelmed with joy we say thank you God and times of stress we pray for help. During the night I set the men out in dry revein 130′ apart and have them to talk to the Deer God. The animals moving during the night around you scares and inspires thoughts from, the deer God. We’ve done this ritual 3 times, before animals and bugs were moving around us in the dark. I had a possum walk into my face. It scared and humbled me. This time was an exception. There was no noise what so ever. The sound of silence was a loud buzzing sound in my head. What i learned is that with out bugs and animals there is no Deer God and the sound of silence is loud. It was like being with the earth after everything had died. It was very humbling.

    1. Jeff Kidman says:

      Boyles – so great to hear your name again! Thanks for sharing that excellent experience of silence!

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