The Key Ingredient to Success for Men

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  1. Greg Aldrich says:

    I would submit that the ultimate source of the breakdown was lack of a system to accurately communicated your order. Sure if you order the normal stuff the system works, but for something outside the norm, the system obviously did not work. What makes highly successful companies is systems that deliver the intended results. Yes, those systems MUST ensure good communication, but to depend on good communication outside a system is at best a gamble.

  2. Jim Ellis says:

    Lack of a system is right!
    Good point.
    I’ve seen four systems.

    1. A sticker prints out with order
    2. They write it down on a small brown bag
    3. Word of mouth from one worker to another
    4. Just forget about the order and go onto the next customer

    The latter is when I step up and say “excuse me” … which may be part of their “system.”

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